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The Custom Process


Let's Make Magic!

I can't wait to design and make your unique one-off jewellery piece! Specialising in engagement rings, wedding bands, and personalised gifts.

Get in Touch

Let me know what you’ve got in mind by sending me an email. This first point of contact allows us to begin a conversation.  


Options & Details

Once I have an idea of what you’re looking for, we can begin to discuss the finer details. This includes advising different metal options, as well as different design concepts and rough quote estimations.  


Diamond and Gemstone Sourcing

The centre diamond or gemstone is the first thing you will notice in any piece of jewellery, and I am determined to find the absolute best stone for you. I can educate you in the 4 C’s of diamond grading, and offer guidance as to which specs will offer the best visual impact, and value for money. I will source multiple options, so you can gain an understanding of how different variables influence pricing. If you are based in Melbourne, we can arrange a time for you to view diamonds and gemstones in person. I specialise in sourcing engagement quality sapphires, and GIA certified diamonds.  


Design Confirmation

I will create a to-scale sketch of your custom design. Every detail of the piece will be considered, to ensure a beautifully proportioned piece of jewellery that looks gorgeous from every angle.  


Let’s Get Started!

Once you’re absolutely in love with your custom design, a 50% deposit is required to secure your order. I will send you an invoice listing all the details of the piece to be made, as well as the terms and conditions, which you must sign. We will agree on a due date for your piece to be completed by, this is normally four to six weeks from the date of deposit. Now, you can relax while I custom make your unique jewellery piece! I will keep you updated throughout the process.