Size Guide

Use this chart for information about your ring size. The only accurate way to get an accurate sizing is to get your finger measured by a jeweller. If this is not possible for you, please email us and we will post you a ring sizer.

Ring Size Chart

Inside Diameter Inside Circumference US UK
15.70mm 49.32mm 5 J 1/2
16.10mm 50.58mm 5.5 L
16.51mm 51.87mm 6 M
16.92mm 53.87mm 6.5 N
17.35mm 54.51mm 7 O
17.75mm 55.76mm 7.5 P
18.19mm 57.15mm 8 Q
18.53mm 59.34mm 8.5 Q 3/4
18.89mm 59.34mm 9 R 3/4
19.41mm 60.98mm 9.5 S 3/4
19.84mm 62.33mm 10 T 1/2

Bracelet Size Chart

The best way to determine your bracelet size is to wrap a piece of string around your wrist and add 2cm to this measurement. The sizes listed below are bracelet lengths, not wrist measurements.

Small 18.5cm
Medium 19cm
Large 19.5cm
Extra Large 20cm